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ceridian.com Global Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and Payment Solutions
Ceridian offers proven human resources, payroll, and benefit services to help organize and optimize businesses. They have everything you need to get your world in order and make your life easier.
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ceridian.ca Ceridian Canada: HR Services - Payroll Services
HR services and payroll services available from Ceridian Canada. HR services include hr administration, outsourcing hr and hr consulting. Ceridian payroll services cover all your payroll solutions, administration for outsourcing all payroll needs for businesses of any size.
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ceridian.co.uk Payroll Services | Human Resource Management | Ceridian
►►Ceridian - Over 40 years' UK and international experience in Payroll Services, Software and outsourced HR Services including EAP, Flexible Benefits and HR Consulting
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hre5.com HR Software: Ceridian HRevolution - Ceridian
Ceridian HRevolution is suitable for mid-large organisations who want their HR to function better.
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hre3.com Ceridian Pay and People - Ceridian
Ceridian Pay and People is Payroll software with integrated HR for Small Businesses, helping you grow your business instead of focussing on administration.
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comdatacard.com Fleet Cards, Fleet Fuel Management Cards, Payroll Debit Cards, POS Equipment - Comdata
Comdata provides fleet cards, fuel management services, payroll debit cards, electronic fund distribution and point of sale (POS) terminal solutions for multiple industries, including transportation, construction, aviation and government agencies.
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inter-tax.com International Fuel Tax Agreement Compliance, IFTA Forms, Fuel Tax Rebate - Comdata
Comdata's Inter-Tax solution is North America's leading fuel tax service, offering best-in-class options for paperless fuel tax filing and reporting; maintaining international fuel tax agreement (IFTA) compliance, streamlining operations, and reducing audit risk.
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abr.com Please Enable Cookies - Ceridian Benefits Services
Ceridian Benefits Services customer login. Online access to benefit services and account information.
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ceridian-ps.com Domain Names, Web Hosting and Online Marketing Services | Network Solutions
Find domain names, web hosting and online marketing for your website -- all in one place. Network Solutions helps businesses get online and grow online with domain name registration, web hosting and innovative online marketing services.
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ceridianhawaii.net Payroll Services Honolulu, HI - Ceridian Employer Services
Ceridian Employer Services provides complete human resources, payroll, benefits, and payment solutions to businesses in Honolulu, HI. Call us at 808-837-2200.
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