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Vaithiyam: 7 results found. granny therapy,grannytherapy,patti vaithiyam,pattiyvaithiyam,kai vaithiyam,kai vaidyam,Paati kai vaithiyam,simple paati vaithiyam,siddha vaidyam,Tamil siddha vaidyam,Granny Medicine,Herbal Granny,Traditional Medicine,Alternative Medicine,Food medicine,Indian herbal,Tamil medicine,Indian traditional medicine,Ayurveda medicine,Ayurvetha medicine,Ayurveda vaithiyam,Ayurveda,Siddha,ayurveda medicine,ayurveda treatment,siddha medicine,siddha treatment,tamil medicine,tamil treatment,tamil vaithiyam,tamil maruthuvam,vaithiyam,maruthuvam,tamil patti vaithiyam is based on an idea–that India’s traditional knowledge systems can provide valuable answers to solving modern problems.The main goal for granny therapy is to provide a way for the modern man to get a healthy lifestyle even in his busy schedule.  ~   Site Info   Whois   Trace Route   RBL Check  
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Meridian Medicine - Ancient Indian Nadi Vaithiyam by Vasu K Brown, MD: Meridian based theory to treat various conditions are well known in different parts of the world. The Indian System for this Meridian Medicine is called "Nadi Vaithiyam" means Pulse Medicine. The other meaning for meridians are the channels for energy, blood and lymphatics to flow through. The Lymphatics in human body are considered "The Electrical Meridians" of the body. These Meridians were the system that was used to diagonse and treat various conditions in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Jin Shin Jyutsu, Indian Nadi Vaithiyam, Siddha Medicine, Varmology and other Meridian based theories available all over the world. This book gives various health care practitioners to compare Acupuncture, Acupressure, Varmology aspects of viewing the body. This book serves as a text book for JSJ practitioners and other healers and has huge body of knowledge on Meridian theories from ancient times.  ~   Site Info   Whois   Trace Route   RBL Check  
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paati vaithiyam, paati vaidyam, tamil remedies,home remedy, kai vaithiyam , herbal remedies, devotional songs, devotional, Spirituality  ~   Site Info   Whois   Trace Route   RBL Check  
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