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Kasota Prairie
A 90-acre portion of the great prairies which covered one third of Minnesota before 1850. Juniper and oak forest the river side of the prairie, which lies on the bluffs of the Minnesota River Valley in south central Minnesota. Set aside as a preserved p
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Conversion of Arid Grasslands to Desert Shrubland by Grazing
Photo essay illustrates the evolution of Mojave and Colorado River native grasslands to desert caused to grazing.
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Tallgrass Ontario
This action oriented network of organizations and individuals seeks to identify, conserve, manage and restore tallgrass prairie, savanna and related ecological communities in Ontario, Canada.
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Northern Prairie Biological Resources
Plants and animals of the U.S. northern Great Plains. Species identification, population declines, searchable by type, taxon, or geography.
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Tall Grass Prairies of Illinois
Introduction to different kinds of tallgrass prairies in Illinois, describing their history, animals and plants. Includes many photos of prairie plants.
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Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Describes the largest prairie east of the Mississippi River, including natural history, visitor information, field notes, gallery of photos, a downloadable restoration plan and quarterly publication about this prairie.
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A Thousand and One Prairies
Provides a directory of over a thousand external links to prairie within the United States and Canada.
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Tussock Grassland Management Information System
Information about the ecology and management of the tussock grasslands of New Zealand.
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Konza Prairie
The Konza Prairie Research Natural Area (KPRNA) is representative of native tallgrass prairie in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas.
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Flint Hills, Tall Grass
Blog encouraging the appreciation of the subtle beauty of the tallgrass prairie in Kansas, while offering information about this endangered ecosystem.
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