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Who Is

Would you like to get information for a domain name, host or IP address?
WHOIS is a database service that allows Internet users to look up a number of matters associated with domain names, including the full name of the registrant of the domain name, the date when the domain was created, the date of expiration, the last record of update, the status of the domain, the names of the domain servers, the name of the hosting service, the IP address corresponding to the domain name, and the name of the registrar.

IP whois:
Domain whois: wikipedia.org

Site Information

Would you like to find detail information about a web site?
Site Info is a webmaster tool which provides information about key areas across the website and about how a page is built. Site Info is a service that gathers detailed information about websites: general information, description, target keywords, tags, ranks, site response header, domain information, DNS information, host location, IPs etc.

Site Info: wikipedia.org
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What is my IP address

Would you like to know your IP address?
You need to know your IP address if you play online multiplayer gaming or you would like to use a remote connection for your computer.

Trace Route

Do you want to know why a website or IP address is unreachable and where the connection fails?
Trace Route is a webmaster tool with capabilities to show how information travels from one computer to another. Trace Route will list all the computers the information passes through until it reaches its destination. Traceroute identifies each computer on that list by name and IP address, and the amount of time it takes to get from one computer to another. If there is an interruption in the transfer of data, the Traceroute will show where in the chain the problem occurred.

DNS Black List Checker

Would you like to know if a web site or IP address is listed in Multi DNS blacklist or Real-time Blackhole List?
The RBL tool searches by IP address the database of the Domain Name System (DNS) blacklist (DNSBL) and the Real-time Blackhole List (RBL). The RBL displays the server IP addresses of internet service providers whose customers are responsible for spam. If a web site has IP addresses in DNSBL or RBL it can be invisible for the customers who come from Internet Service Provider (ISP) who uses DNSBL or DNSBL to stop the proliferation of spam.