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Aging: Aging has specific effects on the body. In an aging body, various systems slow down, which increases the risk of disease.  Human beings reach a peak of growth and development during their mid 20s. Aging describes the body’s condition during the transition between the peak of life and the end of life. Aging is reflected in many parts of the body, but most age-related ailments are not life-threatening or debilitating. Your health and lifestyle, along with genetic factors, will determine how aging affects your body.  To minimize the effects of aging, quit smoking; don’t drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day; reduce the stress in your life; stay active and happy. Aging is most likely to affect: Hearing. During the aging process, we lose our sensitivity to the highest pitched tones. Fat distribution. Aging may reduce the proportion of fat to muscle by up to 30%. The body’s padding of fat may diminish under the skin on your extremities, while aging may add more fat around your waist. Because our ability to excrete fat decreases during the aging process, cholesterol and other blood fat levels may go up. Eating a diet lower in saturated fat may help compensate for this. Dehydration. As we age, our bodies store less water, which makes it harder to obtain nutrients. You may notice a decrease in saliva and other bodily fluids during aging. Drinking more water may help reverse this. Liver function. The aging liver is less proficient at eliminating toxins and wastes, which means drugs may remain in your system longer. Caffeine from a single cup of coffee in the morning may keep you awake at night if your aging liver is not able to process out the caffeine in time. The cleaner your lifestyle, the less aging will affect your liver. Digestion. An aging digestive system produces lower amounts of digestive enzymes, which may lead to problems with constipation or indigestion. Taking digestive enzymes supplements after meals, especially meals high in fat or protein, may relieve this symptom of aging. Strength and coordination. To combat the natural decline in strength and coordination, it’s important to stay active and to continue walking. Aging doesn’t have to mean disability. Sexuality. The aging body produces fewer hormones, which can affect sexual ability and desire. Replacing hormones can be part of an anti-aging strategy. Also remember we “use it or lose it.” If sexuality is important to you, remaining sexually active will help negate the effects of aging. Senses. Aging noses and tongues are less able to distinguish scents and tastes. Avoid using too much salt and sugar to compensate for aging taste buds; use herbs instead. Heart and lungs. Aging has the most serious negative effects on our hearts if we are not physically active and can decrease the amount of oxygen in our bodies, which affects every organ. Doing mild exercise every day—walking is relatively cheap and safe—will challenge the heart and lungs, so aging does not diminish their capacity. Nervous system. Aging decreases motor impulse transmission, meaning your reflexes aren’t as fast. Maintaining physical strength and endurance will help lessen this effect of aging. Your aging brain is the control center for your nervous system; you may have “senior moments” of memory loss or find it harder to remember facts. Keep your brain active by taking classes, reading, having discussions, or learning a new skill to reverse this aspect of aging. Bone strength and density. Aging bones weaken primarily because of poor nutrition and lack of use. Keep your diet excellent; be sure to eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables along with high-quality protein (such as organic fish, meat, cheese, and dairy) and get enough calcium. Aging will not weaken your bones if you continue to challenge them with mild to moderate exercise. Thyroid. The aging thyroid may not produce enough hormones. If you have symptoms of cold, dry skin, or hair loss, talk to a health care provider about getting your thyroid blood levels checked. A naturopathic physician can help you choose a diet and alternative medicine regimen to strengthen your thyroid. Eyes. Aging eyes are not as able to distinguish fine print or thread a needle as they once were. Aging may also trigger the onset of Type 2 diabetes, cataracts, or macular degeneration, all diseases of aging that can affect vision. Get regular optometrist checkups to monitor your eye health. Skin. Aging skin is thinner and more delicate. Use sunscreen on your hands and face, and wear long sleeves and pants to protect your limbs when doing anything active. Aging skin also may not be able to produce as much Vitamin D from sunlight. Talk to your healthcare provider about a Vitamin D supplement. Even though we cannot stop time, we can forestall some of the negative effects of aging by choosing a healthy lifestyle and appropriate supplements. Recommended vitamins:Vitamin C -- an antioxidant that fights free radicalsVitamin E -- an antioxidant that fights free radicals and also protects the fatty membranes that surround cellsFlavonoids -- work within the cell's watery interiorFolic acid -- maintains red blood cells and promotes healthy functioning nervesVitamin B-12 -- fosters healthy brain functioning Recommended minerals: Carnitine -- contributes to healthy heart by transporting oxygen to the cells and produces energyEvening primrose oil -- contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is essential to a number of body processes Recommended supplements: Grape seed extract -- a powerful antioxidantGreen tea extract -- has longevity-promoting propertiesGlucosamine -- helps maintain joint cartilage and eases the pain of arthritisGinkgo biloba -- improves dizziness, impotence, and memory lossCo-enzyme Q10 -- helps transport energy Foods to choose: Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy Things to avoid: Excessive sun exposureSmokingExcessive drinkingStress
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Homepage - Aging Services of California
Aging Services of California represents more than 400 nonprofit providers of senior living services -- including affordable housing, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living, skilled-nursing, and home and community-based care. Aging Services of California's advocacy, educational programs, communications and other resources help its members best serve the needs of more than 80,000 seniors. Founded in 1961, the association is celebrating its 45th year of public service.
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VON DER HEYDE - Natural Anti-Aging made in Switzerland
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Anti Aging System | Your source for Anti Aging Systems
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