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Arthritis Support
Everyone who has arthritis should stay up to date with the latest arthritis information. Research on arthritis is continual and hopefully a cure will be found someday soon.
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All about arthritis
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Arthritis: Arthritis is characterized by painful, red, and swollen joints and it is accompanied by pain, restricted motion, warmth, and swelling. There are more than 200 causes of arthritis; however, the two most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that often occurs in older people; it is caused by deterioration of the cartilage between joints, which forces the bones to rub together. Rheumatoid arthritis is an unrelated type of arthritis, which occurs when the body's immune system destroys the synovial membrane lining the joint. Both types of arthritis are exacerbated by obesity. Arthritis and other degenerative disease conditions affect 43 million Americans, according to the Center for Disease Control. Arthritis can create a challenge for those trying to function normally while managing the pain arthritis causes. Alternative medicine treatment options for arthritis include acupuncture, electromagnetic therapies, homeopathy, bodywork therapies, physical therapies, chiropractic care and skeletal manipulation, and dietary supplements. Natural arthritis remedies either provide nutritional support to help manage pain and inflammation or are applied topically for arthritis pain relief. Traditional arthritis treatments include drinking raw juices (to fortify and alkalinize the body) and applying heated or camphorated oils directly to joints with arthritis symptoms. Coconut oil has helped patients with arthritis, both taken internally and rubbed on joints. Copper is said to have a soothing effect on arthritis and may be worn as jewelry next to the skin. Recommended vitamins:Vitamin A -- reduces inflammationVitamin B-3 -- helps to reduce pain and increase mobilityPantothenic acid -- reduces inflammationVitamin C -- this powerful antioxidant mops up the free radicals that cause rheumatoid arthritisVitamin D -- controls calcium absorptionVitamin E -- an antioxidant and also helps improve mobility in osteoarthritisRecommended minerals:Calcium -- crucial for bone healthCopper -- relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritisSelenium -- an antioxidant that enables the body to produce glutathione, a substance that fights free radicals and prevents oxidation, thereby protecting the joint liningsRecommended nutrients:Bioflavonoids: 500 mg dailyChondroitin sulfate: 1,000 to 2,000 mg dailyNiacinamide: 1,000 mg three times a dayDigestive enzymes: one to three capsules with each mealGlucosamine sulfate Potassium: 700 to 1,050 mgOmega 3 Fish Oil capsules: 50 mg, one to three times dailyOmega-6 oils, for their anti-inflammatory propertiesBoron, which aids the retention of calcium in the bonesAlder buckthornAlfalfaBlack currantBlack poplarBoswellaBuck beanBurdockButtercupCat's clawCayenne creamChickweedComfreyDropwortEuropean aspenEuropean centauryEuropean goldenrodFeverfewGarden VioletGinger extract: one to two, 170-mg capsules dailyGinsengHorseradishJuniperLady's thumbLicorice rootLife everlastingMarsh teaMeadow saffronMeadowsweetMonkshoodMountain hollyPokeweedRed bryonyRestharrowSt. Benedict thistleSAMeSassafrasSea cucumberShave grassWhite melilotWhite willow barkWillowWintergreenWitch grassWormwoodYellow melilotYewFoods to choose:Sardines (with bones for extra calcium)ChickenBananasHerrings and kippersSalmon and troutCheddar cheeseSunflower seedsDark green vegetables, including spinach and broccoliFoods to avoid:Meat fats, which stimulate the production of inflammatory agentsHydrogenated oilsFoods that may cause allergies, such as dairy foods, refined sugar, citrus, fruits, and wheatJunk food and fatty, greasy foods 
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Arthritis |
Expert advice and tips on Arthritis topics |
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Arthritis Queensland - Arthritis and Osteoporosis Information
Arthritis and Osteoporosis information: We provide information, education and elevate standards of care at the political, social, scientific and health professional levels and foster relevant arthritis research. Arthritis Queensland aims to be the preferred provider of self-management health services to people in metropolitan and regional Queensland, Australia.
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Find hundreds of Arthritis tips at LifeTips to make life easier and more fun. Get the advice you need with our arthritis guide.
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Rheumatoid Arthritis - Arthritis Symptoms - Arthritis Relief
Find information on rheumatoid arthritis, other types of arthritis, arthritis symptoms and treatment, and find out about arthritis drugs.
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Foot Arthritis Treatment - Foot Arthritis Treatment information on treating Foot Arthritis
Foot Arthritis - Foot Arthritis Treatment information on treating Foot Arthritis.
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