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Kidney Dialysis Center & Dialysis Clinic
www-Dialysis.com all the dialysis resources you need, including dialysis centers, treatment, symptoms, tests, diagnosis, causes, risk factors & more.
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Dialysis Technician - What it takes to be a Dialysis Technician
Dialysis Technician - A growing medical profession due to a rising number of patients requiring Dialysis.
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Dialyse Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz - guest-dialysis.com
Dialysezentren in Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich
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Types Of Dialysis
The kidney is the important part of the human body. The human body will be good and he will be able to survive only if the kidney functions good. The failure of the kidney will result to serious complications. The kidney area will have the water and the mineral content which should be in normal level. If the content decreases then the kidney will not function proper thus it will create many medical implications. Then we will have to do necessary dialysis to make the kidneys to function properly. There are two types of dialysis namely hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In hemodialysis the blood of a person is pumped and sent to the dialyser which will be like containers where there will be solutions in it. The blood when passes through these solutions, the waste in the blood gets removed because of the process of ultrafiltration. This treatment will takes place for 5 hours approximately. The number of days for this treatment depends upon the condition of the patient. In the worse condition the person has to take four times in a week. Hence these types of dialysis are mostly done in home. In peritoneal dialysis, a solution containing glucose will be run to the intestine. In this the glucose will absorb all the waste contents in the blood and thus same ultrafiltration process will take place. The ultrafiltration will takes place through the osmosis method. When compared with the previous hemodialysis, this peritoneal dialysis is less effective only. Though the both dialysis does the same job but the method is totally different. This type of peritoneal dialysis can be used the patient is on travel. This dialysis treatment is also done for 5 times per day. It can be increased to days even if the person condition worsens. There is also another type known as hemofiltration which is similar to hemodialysis. Hemofiltration is nothing but when we combine the many hemodialysis it becomes hemofiltration. There is not much difference between these two types of dialysis. Dialysis process will be very difficult for the person because the blood gets exchanged. Talking clearly the solution makes the blood clearer and it re-enters the body. The pain will be more when the person does this treatment. The expense will also be more. This treatment is actually done where the person has no other alternative. Hence the dialysis is the life saver treatment.
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Dialysis Treatment Center at Hamilton Park - The Hamilton Park Dialysis Center - Jersey City New Jersey
Dialysis Treatment Center at Hamilton Park. The mission of the Hamilton Park Dialysis Center is to improve the quality of care and services provided to dialysis patients on a daily basis. With the latest technology and all the comforts of home, Hamilton Park's dialysis staff strives to give its clients the best in renal care.
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Index page of Dialysis centers
locations of dialysis facilities in the USA
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dialysis - kidney dialysis and peritoneal dialysis
Find a place to learn more about kidney dialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Locate a dialysis center.
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Shibagaki Dialysis Clinic | Dialysis Hospital in Tokyo, Japan
Shibagaki Dialysis Clinic, Dialysis Hospital in Tokyo, Japan
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liver, liver failure, cirrhosis, dialysis, mars, albumin
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Dialysis Technician
Information about the job of a dialysis technician and the expected salary of this field.
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