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Disease.com provides comprehensive information on hundreds of health and medical disease and topics.
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Sinus Disease
Find everything you need to know about Sinus Disease here!
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Celiac Disease
Celiac Disease
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Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
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Crohns Disease Answers - Crohns Disease Home
What is Crohn's disease? Crohn's disease symptoms, Crohn's disease diet, Crohn's disease treatment, Crohn's disease arthritis, colitis Crohn's disease
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Disease Symptoms
If it is a symptom we will tell you.
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Smoking Related Illnesses
Excessive smoking causes a long list of diseases beyond lung cancer. Tobacco affects the lungs much like asbestos.
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Lymes Disease Treatment, Lymes Disease Symptoms, Chronic Lyme Disease, Lime Disease, Latest News
The best treatment options for lymes disease. Tips to cure the disease naturally without drugs. The best diet pattern that offers a great relief.
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5th Disease - Information about Fifth Disease
Serious Facts about a Not so Serious Disease. Fifth Disease Rash Symptoms, Pictures, Information, Treatments for Children, Infants and Adults.
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Consumption Disease
Pulmonary tuberculosis (consumption disease) - an infectious disease. When the disease affects the lungs, and they begin the formation of specific inflammation, in which the body provides a pronounced reaction. In most developed countries, such as tuberculosis incidence and mortality from this disease has dramatically reduced. Consumption disease - a disease with a pronounced social character. The greatest success in reducing morbidity and mortality from this disease has been achieved among children and adolescents, as well as among women. Among the male population, especially older ones, the various forms of pulmonary tuberculosis is still rampant. Tuberculosis of the lungs causes the so-called micro bacteria tuberculosis. Typically, a bacterium of the human type, but sometimes people passed micro bacteria tuberculosis avian type. Source of infection can serve as positive people and pets. Transferred to various forms of pulmonary tuberculosis by aerosol. It is also possible in rare cases, infection through consumption of contaminated animal products. Causing pulmonary tuberculosis germs into their lungs, in the pharyngeal tonsil. They can also spread from the intestines through the blood or lymphatic. Those who fell ill the first time, often reveal bacteria are sensitive to the effects of drugs, but in 5 - 10 percent of cases - not sensitive. This suggests that infection in the latter case comes from patients who have long and unsuccessfully treated, and the strains of the disease, which acquired resistance to anti-TB drugs. When the body first reach microorganisms that cause tuberculosis, they begin to spread in many ways, including lymphogenous hematogenous as well as bronchopulmonary. As in the lungs and lymph nodes begin to form the so-called tubercle tubercles, as well as a much larger foci. In such outbreaks, reveal the so-called epithelioid cells and giant cells. Also in the outbreaks of disease often, reveal elements of the so-called cassation. Occurs tuberculin turn - the reaction when Mantoux test becomes positive. Infiltrative tuberculosis of the lungs causes the body changes that often go unnoticed for too long. TB occurs frequently hidden under the guise of other diseases. Identify its possible only if the conduct thorough follow-up. In addition to the infiltrative form of tuberculosis is also distinguished disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis, focal pulmonary tuberculosis. Primary tuberculosis occurs most often in the form of bronchitis, oxidative pleurisy. Not seldom be mistaken for a complication during the flow of other diseases. In addition, tuberculosis is quite able to develop as a complication of corticosteroid therapy.
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