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Fashion 2009
Fashion 2009
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Fashion 2009
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DG Fashion
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T - Fashion
T - Fashion
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1950s Fashion
Today we are going to discuss 1950s fashion. Fashion is becoming a trend today with its widespread popularity among the young man and woman. Every century which has passed gave its own fashion samples and also it will give lots of innovative styles and designs in the days to come. Likewise the year 1950 also signifies the era of a particular fashion which was praised immensely by people during that time. After the second war human race had reached the extent of extermination. But the year 1950 all came in a great package of style and fashion and new way of living. In a word the 1950s fashion witnessed the very birth of fashion and its entry into the life every people belonging to ant strata of the society.The chief impact of fashion fell on the woman world. It totally changed the way a woman dress herself. Out of the customary designs in the clothings they began to wear casual and relaxed ones by keeping away the traditional dress sense. The most highly recommended dress up includes button-up sweaters and simple necklines, fitted blouses and full knee length skirts. The most prevalent fashion among the woman was Dress. Majority of the dresses worn by them were the casuals which were mainly circular skirts, halter straps or small collars. They used to wear soft dresses in the evening which comes with dazzling velvet bows. Although the full skirts had become popular during that era but they need something more in order to maximize their look and appearance. To heal those problem nylon petticoats were made so that they can be worn along with the full skirts in order to complete the fulfillness. Another important and prevalent fashion during that period was swing coat for woman. The swing coat was designed specially to cover the full skirts which played a great role during the high pregnancy rate after the post war. Another prevalent trend during that time was trapeze dress. Many fashion designers also emerged during that period who presented the society several excellent hand inventions which got enough popularity. During that time several teenagers also wanted to appear like their parents by adopting their lifestyle. Although during that time there was no existence of the group of teenagers. But with growing effect of television and other mass media the existence of this group became prominent. And they also brought in the need of a different fashion trend for them.The men fashion is also touched by the year of 1950. The prevalent men's fashion during that period include clothes with casual and modest colors which include dark brown, dark blue and charcoal mainly. Gradually with time the cardigan sweaters became popular among the athletes and older people. Other items include fitted vests, plaid flannels etc. which gained equal importance and popularity. Thus all in all the year 1950 saw its growth in prosperity of its people and their life style.
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