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In Winterpast, poet Claire Geneviève La Fleur writes about a wide range of subjects ranging from art to nature, from ephemeral to spiritual. She returns continually to the subject of nature’s changing face. She sees the world both as light and dark, just as death can be a personification neither male nor female. In this collection of 43 poems, Claire Geneviève La Fleur experiments with a variety of poetic styles to fit her subject, both rhyming and narrative-based. In a quartet of poems examining artistic styles, she paints the world of the Masters through words. Her series of childlike poems are “Milnesque,” crediting favorite childhood author A. A. Milne as her inspiration for these flights of fantasy. She explores the world from a little girl’s viewpoint, whether it is the euphoria of taking flight on a “red metal wing” or answering the patter of rain to come outside and play. The subject of felines makes frequent appearances in her poems, her own three Siamese cats being a continual source of playful inspiration. Her poetry conjures, enchants and mystifies. She tackles the loneliness of adolescence but examines it in a fresh light. She begs the reader to slow down and ponder a concept as whimsical as a tissue in flight, to feel the magic of the first translucent snowflake, to marvel at the lovely lady dressed in red.
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