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Length Calculator - Calculate length
The length Calculator converts from one length measurement to another
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Converter Length
Earlier societies needed simple measurement of length to help them do tasks like bartering, cloth-making and construction. The earliest known system of measurements have existed since around 4000 and 3000 years BC. The measurements of length used at that time were mostly anthropomorphic which means they were using the dimension of human body as reference. Egyptian cubit for example, is one of the earliest known unit of length. It was using the length of human forearm measured from the elbow to the tip of middle finger as basic reference. This measurement method somehow found its way to influence other civilizations such as Greek, Roman and England. Some of the old anthropomorphic units are actually still being used today such as foot (converter length of foot) and yard (distance from a hand to the center of the chest). Nevertheless, both yard and foot are now internationally standardized and no longer represent the actual length of any dimension from the human body. Some of the other common examples of anthropomorphic units and their converter length are as follows:
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Length Converter - Easily Convert Length Units
Convert various length units with this simple length conversion tool. Easily convert to and from centimetres, metres, kilometres, miles, inches, feet and yards.
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Length Measurements
The term length is used to refer to the long dimension of an object.
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