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Middle-G is a web design company speciallizing in web products that make a difference.
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Max Middle
Max Middle performs sound poetry solo & in ensemble with The Max Middle Sound Project. He is artistic director of The A B Series, an Ottawa-based literary performance series launched in the autumn of 2007. Middle’s poetry appears in the anthologies Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry & Decalogue: ten Ottawa poets
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Middle World
Between the microscopic world of quarks and atoms, and the macroscopic (observable) one of pebbles, planets and galaxies, there is another world, strangely neglected by science since Isaac Newton. It is inhabited by pollen, DNA and viruses - not to mention globules of paint, shampoo, milk and chocolate. Its tiny denizens have one thing in common: they cannot keep still. Physicist Mark Haw tells the pacy story of how scientists finally saw the restless middle world 200 years ago, having ignored it for so long. How, at the beginning of the twentieth century, it spectacularly answered Einstein's most basic question about the nature of matter. And how we then ignored it again until the past decade or so. Finally Haw reveals that, today, understanding the weird, jiggling 'mesoscale' has become central to nanotechnology, medicine and working out the origins of life.
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Middle Café
The Middle Cafe menu.
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Middle Class Handbook
An illustrated field guide to the changing behaviour and tastes of Britain's new middle class tribes.
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Middle Ages
Visit this site dedicated to providing information about the facts, history of Middle Ages. Fast and accurate facts about the Middle Ages.Learn about the history of Middle Ages.
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Весы напольные электронные, торговые весы, лабораторные, медицинские, счетчик банкнот.
торговые весы (напольные и настольные); весы напольные электронные; весы напольные бытовые; счетчик банкнот; весы лабораторные, медицинские; тензодатчики; бытовые весы; оборудование для упаковки;
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