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Teaching Christians to reach out to the lost, using the gifts of prophecy and healing. These gifts should be normal for all Christians
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You may not know our name, but you’ve certainly seen our work. You may already have an advertising agency. And that’s OK. We’d like to introduce you to one that you may not be aware of. We are AdPersuasion, a team of marketing pros who have agency experience from around the world. Having worked for big ones, small ones, but always great ones. We were around amazing people who did amazing work. We learned our craft, our industry, what to do, what NOT to do, and a whole lot of other things that would take too long to tell you about here. We strive to do the right thing for our clients, for consumers, and for ourselves. Call us. We love collaboration. All effective communication is a hybrid of information and art: Strategic communication of ideas across all media calls for constant integration, not using any given medium as an afterthought.We o fer unparalleled design and creative direction, along with a rock-solid group of Technologically innovative minds. Marketing & Advertising: Marketing consultation and strategy development Account and Media Planning Brand positioning & research Advertising strategy and production Broadcast, Print, Web, Direct Response, Packaging, POS, Collateral Content Creation and Development: Copywriting and editing Web content editorial and maintenance Social media development Blogs, eNewsletters, eZines Interactive Marketing & Advertising: Digital Marketing strategy and consultation Interactive Brand and product positioning Online Advertising, Media Planning and placement Online creative strategy and production Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Flash, HTML mail, rich media, widget design eCommerce sites Interactive viral and guerilla marketing Web Design and Development: Social media consultation and design Interactive creative direction, art direction and design Interactive multimedia development and production User experience design, strategy and consultation User-interface design and usability engineering Web-based multimedia/database interaction Custom Web Application Development: Site maintenance and management Quality assurance testing Multimedia Development and Production Video editing/compositing/motion graphics Trade show materials development & installation DVD and kiosk design and development Services for All Your Marketing and Communications Needs AdPersuasion is dedicated to helping companies profitably leverage their growth opportunities, with integrated and cost-effective marketing and communications services tailored to assist the sales efforts of each client. This includes everything from basic consultation on advertising, sales and marketing programs, to total outsourcing of marketing, advertising, communications and related sales efforts. Our services include: Research & Analysis We assist companies in developing actionable and unique customer insights through research. Our services range from analysis of existing company data and secondary research, to recommending, planning and fielding fresh benchmark primary research to guide clients in their marketing planning and launch. In addition, we help clients plan and execute effective ongoing tracking of their marketing efforts. Integrated Positioning Success in reaching your target requires understanding the overall marketing and creative positioning of each product or service. We help clients plan and execute marketing within the context of their ongoing marketing and sales programs. Marketing Planning AdPersuasion helps companies develop powerful marketing plans based on solid research and a keen understanding of the market. Our plans are based on attainable client objectives, with incisive and results-oriented strategies maximizing the scarce resources of each client's overall budget. We work with all the marketing resources a client employs, whether they are marketing, sales and product/brand management teams, to develop the best plan to reach and exceed your objectives. Creative Development and Execution Our promise to clients is that we will develop unique and memorable creative communications to reach their target. Through the years we have developed creative that is both effective and award-winning. Our creative and production services include collateral and Identity package development, magazine, newspaper, outdoor, Internet, TV and Radio advertising, among all the available advertising and communications forms your messaging may take. Advertising Media Planning and Placement AdPersuasion can help each client maximize their advertising and communications dollars through careful planning and deployment. We recommend unique plans within realistic budgets, and work closely with the media to achieve added-value programs that provide additional support to strengthen each client's efforts while stretching their budget. Whether the program is a test market, a regional effort, or a national launch, we help clients surpass their goals. Sales Promotions & Distribution Building Your target market often responds strongly to sales promotion efforts that reach them where they live and where they shop. With broad experience creating one-of-a-kind programs to promote trial and repeat purchase, we are poised to assist companies boost sales and strengthen their consumer relationships. In addition, our associations with the retail trade enable us to directly assist clients in planning go-to-market programs and attaining distribution in multiple classes of trade, including supermarket retail, mass merchandisers, convenience chains, independent grocers, as well as foodservice, among others. Grassroots Events Reaching thousands of your target market through grassroots events can be a very cost-effective way to begin or augment a company's marketing efforts. In one market or many, we work with clients to plan and execute a unique grassroots effort. Public Relations Closely aligned to all other marketing communications, but often overlooked, Public Relations has a unique place in well-integrated communications. We help with everything from Press Releases, to Press Kits, to Media Relations and ongoing plans. Web, Social and Mobile Marketing & Media We help companies develop effective programs utilizing the power of the Internet, digital and other new media. This encompasses everything from building websites, to banners and other such rich media advertising, online media buying and pay-per-click programs, SEO, and every aspect of HTML mail campaigns and Mobile (cell phone) marketing promotions. We also design and manage cost-effective Social Media programs to leverage the vast referral and Consumer Relationship Marketing power of the web with such tools as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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Conceptoms - Donald Deschenes 2010 Peinture- Peintre Lac-St-Jean Toile
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Sports cars prestige cars limited cars hand picked cars
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