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Reagents | Fine Chemicals and Chemical Solutions
Reagents manufactures and distributes laboratory chemicals and chemical solutions to Industry, Hospitals and Government Agencies. Our company philosophy is to supply our customers with quality chemicals at competitive prices, with prompt and efficient service. For more information about our products and services browse our website or call us at 1.800.732.8484.
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Lab Reagents - manufacturer of High Purity Metal Salts, Lab Reagents, Fine Chemicals & PH Indicator
Global player in the Basic Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Pigments and Food Colours market.
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Orbit Reagents | Chemical Reagents for Organic Synthesis
We sell small quantities of common and specialty chemicals to academic groups, industrial laboratories and private researchers. We specialize in substituted benzenes but also carry organic solvents and reagents for a variety of synthetic transformations. Our current research interests lie in alternative fuels, mainly in the conversion of waste glycerin generated from biodiesel production into useful materials. Pilot studies on propylene glycol, a hydrogenation product of glycerin, are presently underway. Our products are for sale only to those individuals who are experienced in handling these materials. The purchaser agrees to comply with all applicable laws regarding their use and disposal.
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Immunoassay Reagents by Tosoh Bioscience for Trusted Immunoassay Results
Quality clinical reagents by Tosoh Bioscience, developers AIA Automated Immunoassay Analyzers and unit dose test cup immunoassay reagents
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Pierce Antibodies
Pierce monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies plus recombinant proteins and peptides.
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Taylor Test Kits & Test Kit Reagents
Swimming Pool & Spa Testing Supplies: Taylor Test Kits & Taylor Test Kit Reagents
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Volusol - eCommerce Web Site
Description here
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Campbell Science: Manufacturing fine reagents and biochemicals for biotechnology
Campbell Science: Biotinylation Reagents, Cross-Linking Reagents, GC Reagents, Enzymes like Beta-Glucuronidase and Protein Modifiers like TCEP Tris 2-carboxyethyl phosphine Hydrochloride. Bioanalytics and Life Science Products.
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Biotin Labeling Reagents for Proteins
Biotinylation reagents and kits to chemically tag and label antibodies, proteins and peptides with biotin at particular amino acid functional groups to create labeled antibody or other probes for streptavidin affinity binding, purification and detection.
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YSI Reagents | YSI Supplies, Parts, Calibrator, Standard Online Shop
Order YSI reagents online for the YSI 2300, 2700, 7100 and other models. Get YSI supplies, parts, calibrators, standard, glucose, & other analyzer solutions.
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