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רקורד - מרכז מידע מקוון לתוכנות של חברת פרופלורהד
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Record Store
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agta record AG
The agta record group is one of the world leaders in automatic door systems. The core product range of record includes all types of sliding doors, telescopic, swing or folding as well as revolving doors. Additionally record offers hygienic and air-tight doors, plus burglar and fire-resistant doors and break-out systems for the use in escape and rescue routes. record is also proud of its large service and maintenance net, which keeps doors running smoothly and reliable all over the world.
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record Türautomation AG
Die record Türautomation AG ist der exklusive Vertreiber automatischer Türsysteme der Marke record in der Schweiz. Zum innovativen Produktsortiment gehören lineare & radiale Schiebetüren, Drehflügel-, Falt- und Karusselltüren. Hinzu gesellen sich einbruchhemmende, luftdichte und hygienische Türen wie auch Brand- und Rauchschutztüren. Alle Türsysteme können für den Einsatz in Flucht- und Rettungswegen eingesetzt werden. record verfügt weltweit über ein umfangreiches Service- und Wartungsangebot.
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agta record AG
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Of Record
Becoming the newspaper of record in the paperless age.
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:.: Jornal Record :.:
Record Online o site do Record, rgo de informao de referncia, especializado em Desporto mas tambm generalista e pluralista, independente de clubes, associaes, partidos ou crenas religiosas. Record est atento atualidade, aborda os acontecimentos exclusivamente pelo seu valor jornalstico, acompanha os mais importantes em direto e faz uma clara distino entre as notcias, a anlise e a opinio. Em texto, fotos, vdeos ou infografias, Record Online d-lhe o melhor do Desporto.
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RECORD.net.au - Home
The official news and feature site of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific
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