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Video and Web Communications & Social Marketing Consultation
121BOX (one-to-one box) offers innovative ways to connect you and your business through compelling video and Web communications. Our process combines expertise in individualized marketing and at the highest echelons of the film industry to identify your unique attributes and set you apart. 121BOX invites you to collaborate in the creation of high-quality low-cost videos that tell your story through testimonials and familiarize you to prospective clients. Packages range from the production and delivery of a minute-long Internet video, filmed in 2 hours and edited soon after, to a full range of Web services and marketing consultation.
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Carrie McAlister provides exceptional real estate services to Buyers and Sellers in Northern California. For more information please contact Carrie McAlister directly at 510-292-7838 or via email at carrie@redoakrealty.com.
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Robin Gaskins, Realtor | 510.280.2179 | robingaskins@redoakrealty.com
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Linda Elkin, Realtor
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Laurie Capitelli : Red Oak Realty
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José Fernández : Red Oak Realty
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Arthur White : Red Oak Realty
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Judy Richardson | Red Oak Realty
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