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Floyd Wickman's 101 Greatest Dialogues Live; the ultimate Real Estate sales training, program. -SEQ
Floyd Wickman's 101 Greatest Dialogues is the ultimate sales training program. The 101 Dialogues give you the Tools, Products, and the confidence to help you succeed in real estate, Its educational and Floyd Wickmans 101 Greatest Dialogues will show you what to say, how to say it, say the right things, to the right people, the right way, to succeed, in Real Estate, and Sales. Floyd Wickmans 101 Greatest Dialogues, will enable you to be equipped in any given situation it will show you how to protect your commission, handle hesitations, objections, stall, list the toughest of For Sale By Owners, FSBOs, and you will learn how to knock out your competition, You will learn 15 Different Ways to protect your commission, 42 ways to handle objections,stalls,hesitations, you will learn 6 obvious reasons why FSBOs need to list, with a broker, How to be in positive control of any appointment, and much more.
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Wickman's Garden Village
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Music by Dan and Karin Wickman, Buffalo MN
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